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III "Hardråde" King of Norway whose succession is dated to 1047, are recorded as sons of King Harald I or his second to fourth generation direct descendants in three different male lines. . The Gwentian Chronicle records that " Eulaf came to the island of Britainto Meneviaand devastated Dyved ". . The Icelandic Annals record the marriage in 1293 of " Ericus rex Norvegiæ " and " Isabellam filiam domini Rodberti filii Rodberti, comitis Brunsvicensis " 589. . Mistress (1) : gyrid Aslaksdatter, daughter of aslak his wife. . According to William of Malmesbury, she was English and captured by the Norwegians. Snorre refers to the wife of King Magnus as " a daughter of Knut Lavardsister of the Danish King Valdemar " and records that her husband sent her back to Denmark 428. He conquered the area around Trondheim where Haakon Grjotgardson Jarl of Haalogaland accepted his overlordship. . It is not chronologically possible for Brigida to have married Inge Halsteinson King of Sweden, who died in 1118.

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After his father's death he took "all the revenues eastward in Viken" with which Erik was "very ill-pleased" 195. . M margret Skulesdatter, daughter of skule Baardsson his wife Ragnhild - (-1270). . The Historia Norwegie names " Haraldus Comatus " as son and successor of " HalfdanusNiger ". . He succeeded in 1157 as haakon III "Broad-Shoulders" King of Norway. . According to the Saga of Halfdan the Black, different districts claimed the honour of being Halfdan's burial place, and to satisfy all of them his body was divided into four parts and buried in Raumarik, Ringarik, Hedmark and Vestfold. He succeeded his father in 1066 as olav III "Kyrre/the Gentle" King of Norway, jointly with his brother Magnus, ruling in the eastern part of the country 347. . Björn Haraldsson had one child:.  The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. Gudröd Bjornsson had one child: a) harald "Grenske" (947-murdered 995). . King Haakon IV his wife had four children:. . Snorre names " Guthorm of Reine " as grandfather of " King Inge and Duke Skule their father presumably being Baard although this is not stated in this passage 500. . Snorre names (in order) " Dag, Hring, Gudrod Skiria and Ingigerd " as the children of King Harald and his wife Alvhild 114. . M (1155) erling Ormsen "Skakke/the Sharp" of Studla in South Hordaland, son of ORM Sveinsson his wife Ragnhild Sveinkesdatter (-killed in battle near Nidaros Trondheim 18 or, bur Trondheim Cathedral). . The dating of this division is difficult to assess, but from the chronology of events recorded by Snorre it appears to have occurred before the birth of King Harald's son Haakon, which is dated to 919. . The Saga of King Sverre records the marriage of " Ragnhild daughter of Earl Erling and Kristin Kings-daughter " and " Halkel son of Jon Hallkelsson " 527. Morkinskinna records that Skjaldvorsister of King Magnús berfoettr married Sigurdr Hranason 358. . Mistress (1) : thora Thorbergsdatter, daughter of thorberg Arnesson Arnung from Giske his wife Ragnhild Erlingsdatter (1020/25-after 1066).

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